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The first Android-powered Nokia smartphone from HMD Global is on its way, and instead of letting you guys get your hopes up, I'll get this out of the way right now: the Nokia 6 won't be available outside of China. Cue that sad "wah wah" cartoon noise right here.

The simply-named phone will have 4GB RAM, 64GB of onboard storage, microSD card support, a 16-megapixel main camera, and a 3,000 mAh battery. It's a single piece of aluminium with a 1920x1080 HD screen and measuring 5.5 inches. It's not an exciting design by any means, but it certainly doesn't look bad, and it's sleek enough for something of a test run. It will run Android Nougat, the seventh generation of the platform.

Nokia seems to be playing it safe with a very mid-range phone that will launch sometime in 2017, likely for a few hundred bucks. An exact release date is not known at this point, but HMD CEO Arto Nummela had told Forbes that it's good to go on sale soon after a launch, so there you go.