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Motorola can be held at least partially responsible for the death of the headphone jack. While the Moto Z and Z Force weren't the first smartphones to ditch the feature, their exclusion made big waves; waves that prompted Apple, HTC, and other big names to also nix the standard 3.5mm port.

Now, like Magneto at the end of X-Men: The Last Stand, surveying the damage his ill-conceived plan has wrought, Motorola have realized their mistake and are bringing the 3.5 jack back with the Moto Z2 Force.

According to OnLeaks and Android Authority, a leaked 3D render of Motorola's upcoming smartphone shows the headphone jack in all its glory. That's the Moto Z2 Force; we have no idea if the standard Moto Z2 will get the jack, but I would say it's a decent bet that if they're bringing it back for their shatterproof model, the standard would get one too.

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