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I'm sitting here racking my brain, trying to think of the last time I saw a payphone and drawing an absolute blank. I can think of plenty of spots where payphones used to be, but those spots now stand empty. Apparently they do still exist, and Google is in the running (along with IBM, Samsung, Cisco, and others) to turn all of the 7,300 pay phones in New York into free Wi-Fi hotspots. If the plan goes through, it'll be hard to find an area in the Big Apple that is devoid of wireless Internet.

New York's department of IT is behind the endeavor and they're looking for a suitable candidate to make their idea a reality. Given Google's history and future plans to provide free Wi-Fi across the county, I'd say they're a damn good candidate.

This is a great idea for a handful of reasons. Internet connectivity has become so vital that it should be offered as a free service. You could argue that it already is, what with libraries and supermarkets and other venues offering free connections. Whether or not Google ends up winning its bid, more connectivity is a win for them because they can only service customers that are online. Way to go, New York.

via Tech Crunch

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