Netflix Embracing 4K with Its Original Shows

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I’m sure the typical television owner doesn’t give a good gosh darn about how many pixels his or her television can display at once, but even for them, the thought of 4,000 pixels should do something. Maybe send an excited chill up their spine? Maybe cause the hair on the back of their neck to stand up?

4K resolution looks to be the next major improvement in display devices and, as the case usually goes with this sort of thing, the currently available 4K televisions are far too expensive for the average consumer. In a move designed to possibly get ahead of the curve, Netflix is pursuing the new format, with plans to start shooting all of their new shows in 4K. The first to adopt this format was House of Cards season 2, which premieres on February 14.

Like many of you, I am decidedly un-rich, so for the time being my only exposure to 4K television will be slowly walking by display models in various retail stores. The day will come, however, where 4k televisions will be affordable and common place and it’s nice to see Netflix leading the charge.

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