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Probably I didn't necessarily need to dedicate an entire post to a Mr. Potato Head toy, but...how incredibly cool is this? Of course, we're all familiar with Mr. Potato Head, and we all know there have been several different incarnations of him that reflect different characters and styles, but this is hands down the best one I have ever seen.

The 11th Doctor Potato Head has eight different removable parts, including a fez and of course the sonic screwdriver. It will be shipped standard grade or collector's grade, depending on which you specify. Each grade is guaranteed in mint condition in its original packaging. The standard grade is guaranteed 80% (C8) mint packaging, while the collector's grade is guaranteed 90% (C9). Standard grade is suitable to display in its packaging or open, while collector's grade is meant to be displayed in its packaging. Collector's grade also comes sealed in a clear poly-bag for protection during shipping.

I know it's all about collecting and value, but I would totally wreck all of that and play with it. I'm like that. I would also build a LEGO Tardis, because where's the fun in him not being able to go anywhere?

These are available for pre-order now, and expected to ship in August. The Standard grade is $24.99 US, while the Collector's Grade adds $2.00 US per item.

Source: Nerd Approved