More P67 Sandy Bridge Leakage from GIGABYTE - Boxes Anyone?

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If the last post of leaked GIGABYTE P67 goodness wasn't enough, they just leaked all the box art for the entire trio of boards that are still a couple months away. But if you look even closer, you'll notice there's MORE than just the three boards (P67A-UD3, P67A-UD3R, H67MA-UD2H) that were outed. There's actually new models in here namely the...


With the exception of the H67M-D2, H67MA-UD2H and H67A-UD3H which are micro ATX boards, the rest of the line up is full ATX though it doesn't look like any of them are going to take on the massive XL-ATX form factor that came on boards like the X58A-UD9 or 890FXA-UD7 (AMD).

Keep in mind though, that like many GIGABYTE models, some of them may not be available in all markets. I believe the initial trio of boards will be the ones we'll see in North America while the other SKUs will probably hit Asia and elsewhere first. Similar to the GA-EP45-DS5 and the Silent Cell HD 4850: both of which never saw the light here in the Americas.

Again, no pricing information was disclosed, but do enjoy the pretty pictures that they've provided.

It looks like GIGABYTE is totally ready to roll once INTEL lifts the embargo. With all this pre-launch buzz, there's definitely going to be a lot of people putting these guys front of mind for their Sandy Bridges. Umm... ASUS? MSI? Where are my leaks?


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