Once upon a time I was doing wardrobe for a show, and as a thank you gift I was given one of those nylon drawstring backpacks. I use that thing all the time, although rarely do I wear it as a backpack (it usually ends up slung over one shoulder). If you’ve used a drawstring backpack, you know the problem with them: The strings get stupid. There’s really no other way to explain it…you’d think they would be in the same configuration you started with, but no. One always ends up three times longer than the rest, and then you couldn’t slip it over your shoulders if you wanted to. I’m sure that, much like me, you periodically curse, take all your stuff out, and then pull and adjust and finagle the strings back to where they are all even again.

Along comes Mochibag, and I think…well, duh! This makes no end of sense! First, they’ve moved the anchor points for the strings from the bottom to the top. Which means as you wear, carry, and open and close the bag, they don’t get stupid. Because with the anchor point at the top, pulling on the strings is even. Also, with the anchor points at the top, the bag doesn’t tend to flip upside down when you carry it. I’m now looking at my bag wondering if it’s possible to revamp it. I suspect not.

Second, you know how you sometimes have to use a pen to force your bag open, especially if you’ve been carrying something heavy in it? They put handles at the top. Instead of having to force your way into your bag, all you have to do is pull on the handles and it opens, allowing you access to your stuff. Again…how the heck has no one thought of this until now? Not only do the handles make the bag easy to open, they also clip together, so you can carry your bag like a soft-sided briefcase instead of having it hang awkwardly by its strings if you prefer to carry it in your hand rather than wearing it.

They’ve also added a small zipper pocket to the outside of the bag, for things you need quicker or easier access to (I’m thinking my wallet, since my purse is often buried in my bag and I need to pay taxi drivers on a regular basis).

Here’s the thing: It can’t be just me who thinks this may well be the greatest thing since alternating current. Mochibag is currently a Kickstarter project. They’ve got about a month left to go and are just shy of five times their funding goal. But since they have until the end of August for funding, you can still get in. Just pledge at least $25.00 US, and a Mochibag will be on its way to you. Pledge $35.00 US or more, and you’ll get a special edition bag that looks a bit more professional. Finally, a pledge of $60.00 US or more gets you one regular bag and one special edition bag. Since they’ve long since achieved full funding, they’re planning to ship in November. I’ve already pledged my money.

Source: Gizmag

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