Apple’s “Continuity” feature is designed to let you jump from your iPhone to your iPad to your Mac without missing a beat, and this seamless all-in-one experience idea is becoming more and more common as companies develop their eco-systems. Microsoft, however, is taking a slightly different approach to the idea with Continuum. What if instead of hopping from your phone to your PC, you just used your phone as your PC?

Joe Belfiore of Microsoft demonstrated the feature at Microsoft Build 2015, where he plugged a phone into a monitor, keyboard, and mouse setup, where the user interface instantly adapted accordingly. According to TechCrunch, the Windows 10 interface didn’t look exactly like the Windows 10 you would see on a desktop or laptop, but the applications did.

Belfiore stressed that the success of this feature ultimately lies in the hands of the developers, because the apps that are really going to take advantage of it are the ones that have been built to scale across different devices. And of course, not all phones have the power required to run a desktop interface, but Belfiore said that the feature will be available on future devices, suggesting that maybe Continuum is a little ways off.

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