Microsoft Xbox 720 Details Begin to Leak

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The next-generation Xbox is coming, and as the May 21 reveal gets closer, more and more possible details are being leaked. Unsurprisingly, the scuttlebut suggests that the next Xbox will be designed to work as part of a larger, Windows 8-ran whole. Microsoft wants Windows 8 running all of your hardware.

There's talk of an AMD-developed processor that will be offically revealed and expanded upon at Microsoft's BUILD 2013 conference that's happening in June. However, the launch line-up could be revealed on May 21st, right before E3, or they could split the reveal. Kinect will again be a big part of the system, sporting a brand new sensor system.

Always-on might be a thing to look out for as well. The console may require an always-online Internet connection which has already drawn some major criticism.

Finally, it's been suggested that the regular model will cost around $499 USD, with a subsidized package available that's similar to the $99 Xbox 360 contract.

Whatever comes out of this console, let's just hope it's not actually called the Xbox 720.

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