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Do you still use Windows XP? Well your clock is ticking, friend. You have exactly 365 days until Microsoft will end all support for the operation system, which will happen on April 8, 2014. Of course you can continue to use it, but you won't get anymore security updates, hotfixes, or support from Microsoft.

According to net data, just under 40 percent of all desktops and laptops still use XP, which is considerably higher than I expected. Microsoft actually ended mainstream support of the OS back in April 2009, shortly before the initial release of Windows 7, but they've continued to offer extended support and security updates.

Of course, this is all a move to encourage users to upgrade to either 7 or 8, with Microsoft pushing Windows 8 rather hard, despite being the harder sale. The company is also pushing certain users to use both operating systems side-by-side, which is a hilariously bold move.

via Tech Crunch