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This contest is closed, but you still have a chance with week 4 of our weekly giveaways with Roam Mobility. Check out the contest post for full details!

Are you ready to win another prize pack from Roam Mobility valued at nearly $50? In week one, we asked about where you were going in the United States this summer. In week two, we asked you to follow us on Twitter. And now, we've reached week three and we've got another Roam Mobility travel pack to give away.

As you may recall, Roam Mobility is a Canadian company dedicated to providing Canadians with a better way to travel through the United States without having to pay expensive roaming and long distance charges to their home Canadian carriers. What you get instead is a real US number and real US service without having to deal with any contracts or service agreements with a US carrier. It's all pay as you go -- $3/day gets you unlimited talk and text and $1/day gets you 100MB of data per day -- and it's there when you need it, even if you only travel to the States once a year.

If you already have an unlocked GSM phone, all you need is a Roam SIM card. Alternatively, Roam also sells its unlocked Breeze dual-SIM phone for $49.95 and its Liberty mobile hotspot for $129.95. Roam utilizes the T-Mobile network, so an AWS phone is best.

The Prize

As with the first two weeks, the travel prize pack for week three remains the same.

The SIM card is available as a standard SIM for most mobile phones, as well as in micro-SIM form for iPhone 4/4S, iPad and iPad mini, and in nano-SIM size for the iPhone 5. The seven continuous days of service includes unlimited talk and text within the US and back to Canada, free voicemail and caller ID, and 700MB of data on the nationwide 4G network with data speeds of up to 21Mbps.

How to Enter Week Three

To enter our third weekly giveaway with Roam Mobility, submit a comment to this contest post answering the following:

Tell us about your worst roaming horror story ever. How much did they charge you? What would you have done differently?

Week three of our four week contest series with Roam Mobility closes Sunday, June 30, 2013 at midnight Pacific time. Giveaway number four begins immediately afterwards on Monday, July 1 (Canada Day!), so make sure you come back to see how you can enter that giveaway. We'll announce the winners of all four contests at the conclusion of the four weeks.

Winners will be contacted via e-mail and have 48 hours to respond with their preferred shipping address. Due to the nature of Roam Mobility's service, this contest is open only to Canadians with a Canadian mailing address. If you're not in Canada, but we can ship to somewhere in Canada, that's okay too. We reserve the right to alter or adjust this contest in any way at any time and all decisions are final. Good luck!

  • No terrible roaming fiasco other than having to decipher mobile cards in foreign languages when i land. I bought a SIM card on an Icelandair flight and it was supposed to last me a week. It lasted a day. I couldnt figure it out.

  • CeciliaLu

    Racked up $40 over a single weekend of outlet shopping. Frustrating as most of my party was confined in a tiny space but we had no other way of reaching them. Almost caved and bought a set of walkie-talkies halfway through... next time, better planning and coordination! Oh, and one of those nifty SIM cards wouldn't hurt. :)

  • tf

    Last trip stateside, I planned ahead and bought a data roaming pack from my service provider. I got a text before we even left our destination airport. apparently I had used up half my data just looking for directions to the hotel?!? #notgoodvalue.

  • edlau

    I'm quite good with roaming. Never had anything terrible happen by accident. I think the worst roaming bill I've ever had was like $60 and that was because my friend had his wallet stolen in Italy and we had to do all sorts of calls back home.

  • A Wu

    I went to Niagara Falls 2 years ago and stayed in the surrounding areas for 2 weeks. During that time my phone kept going in and out of roaming. Knowing that this would happen, I had contacted my carrier to block all roaming during the trip, however when I got back I got charged for over 300mb of data, 300 texts, and 40 minutes of roaming totaling over $1000 in roaming overages. Fortunately, they had the records that I had blocked it so, my carrier had to eat all fo those costs.

  • Eric Ly

    Went to the US a few years ago for a week. Used my phone throughout the entire week just making a few calls and texts to back home and in the US. Ended up with around $200 in roaming fees when we got back. I had an iPhone and back then they could only be unlocked via jailbreak if it was on a certain baseband. I would have unlocked it and used a local prepaid sim card or Roam mobility if it had existed.