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We were first introduced to Samsung's curved UHD televisions at CES 2014 in Las Vegas and now the company has continued the evolution of that line with the new SUHD series of ultra high definition televisions. The MEGATechNews team caught up with Samsung during their Consumer Electronics Road Show to check out the new TVs, as well as some new speakers.

Samsung's SUHD line of televisions offer a number of key features and advantages over other TVs, like the enhanced HDR capabilities, the ability to upgrade your televisions via add-on boxes, and a unique nano-crystal technology that replaces the typical yellow phosphor that normally surrounds the LED bulb. Instead, you get the bare blue LED bulb, which can then display green or red when filtered through the nano-crystal layer. This provides AMOLED like colors and contrast without the AMOLED kind of cost.

While it may sound like Samsung has created a whole new standard with SUHD that's separate from UHD and 4K, that's not completely true. We asked what the "S" in SUHD stood for and the answer isn't quite what you'd expect. In short, the "S" simply represents the best that Samsung has to offer in the range, just like we find with the flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone and the Galaxy Tab S series of Samsung Android tablets. It's superb. It's splendid. It's anything you want it to be. And it starts at around $4,000 for the 8500 series, ramping all the way up to nearly $30,000 for the massive 88-inch behemoth.


Samsung was also keen to show off its curved soundbars to accompany the curved TVs, as well as the company's new "ring" speakers that provide omnidirectional sound through downward-firing drivers and a ring radiator. Prices there start at $499. Check out the video above for more information about both the new TVs and the speakers from Samsung.