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In recent years, it feels like Samsung has gotten into the habit of releasing the widest array of products possible. They have smartphones and tablets in just about every screen size that you could possibly desire and this expansion of consumer choice is continuing this summer with a several new Samsung ATIV tablets and notebooks, as well as the newest addition to the Galaxy Tab series. We had the opportunity to sit down with Samsung Canada to get our hands on the newest hotness.

Perhaps the most unique of the products showcased in the MEGATech video below is the Samsung ATIV Q. It's not really fair to call it a tablet and it's not really accurate to call it a notebook either. Instead, it's a sliding convertible PC that runs on full Windows 8, but it can also run Android at the same time. You can quickly and easily hot swap between the two operating systems on the fly. This is far more ambitious than something like the Samsung 700T ATIV Smart PC Pro that we reviewed earlier this year.

Continuing with the "bridging the gap" idea, Samsung also demonstrated a new feature wherein you can effectively mirror the display of your Android smartphone -- something like the Galaxy S4 -- on your Windows PC. This means you can type text messages, answer calls and more without actually touching your phone. Pretty cool.

Moving down the line, we were introduced to the Book 9 and Book 9 Lite Ultrabooks, which are the natural progression from the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabooks that you may have already seen. They've been updated with touchscreen support, better performance and improved battery life. Similarly, there's the new Samsung ATIV Tab 3, a tablet that runs full blown Windows 8.

Not to be forgotten, the Android side was also addressed with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 series. They've certainly come a long way since the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus that we reviewed way back when Android 3.0 Honeycomb was the coolest OS on the block. The Tab 3 comes in 7-inch, 8-inch and 10.1-inch flavours for your Android tablet-ing pleasure.