I haven’t been back to school in a number of years, but that’s exactly what I did yesterday when I went to the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby Campus for their Tech Days event. This was similar to the BCIT Tech Days that the BCIT Student Association hosted last year, except our little techie affair was only one day this year instead of two. You might also remember when we set up a casual gaming lounge at the BCITSA Spring LAN Party a few months back.

Embedded above is a really quick video tour of what we had set up at the BCIT Tech Day. The focus was on the Gamers Lounge, presented by Futurelooks and MEGATechNews.

On the Futurelooks end of the table, they had a couple of custom gaming PCs set up to showcase some great hardware from companies like ADATA and GIGABYTE. This gave the BCIT students a chance not only to try out some new hardware, but also to ask resident Futurelooks expert Stephen Fung any questions they may have about PC DIY and PC gaming.

Next to that, our friends at Roam Mobility had a table where they were educating students (see what I did there?) on how they could avoid nasty roaming charges while traveling in the United States. You might remember when I reviewed Roam Mobility earlier this year.

And rounding out the FL/MTN Gamers Lounge were a couple of setups by Canadian Joysticks. They’re a local company that sells arcade sticks, as well as all the custom parts you need for some DIY modifications. In addition to FightSticks from companies like Hori and Qanba, they also sell products like the Cronus cross-over device and a myriad of buttons, boards, and more. In fact, they had a couple of custom Divekick controllers made out of shoeboxes and spare parts. You can do that too.

We hear that there will be a fall LAN gaming event at BCIT in the next couple of months, so stay tuned for more on that. Chances are that MEGATechNews will be there too, along with our friends at Futurelooks.

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