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Say what you will about Beats by Dre, but the company has done a wonderful job of convincing the public they need better headphones. There are far more people rocking out to the larger over-the-ear style headphones these days and this has created a new problem: how do you carry around those bulkier headphones when you're not actually listening to something. The apparent solution to this is the DELOOP headphone bag from Orbit Concepts.

They recently achieved their Kickstarter goal and this premium bag for your premium headphones "will be available worldwide soon." Do you need one?

The Evolution of the Headphone Bag


The idea behind the DELOOP family of headphone bags from Orbit Concepts is a simple one: you need a way to suitably carry and protect your premium headphones. Many people choose to drape their headphones around their neck, but that's hardly the kind of protection you want. Other people toss their headphones into bigger bags, but the jostling around can get them damaged too. With the DELOOP, available in a four different varieties, you get a purpose-designed bag specifically for headphones.

The particular version I was offered to review is the DELOOP Sport. It's built with "high grade, waterproof ballistic nylon, and is accented with a smooth matted leather finish." If you want full genuine nappa leather, you can upgrade to the DELOOP Deluxe instead. The DELOOP bag itself is circular in shape from the front, offering a wedge-like design as its profile. It's larger on the bottom, because the earpieces on your headphones are bigger than the headband. That makes sense. The headphones themselves fit into a half mesh pocket on one side of the open case, while the other side contains a number of inner pockets for your other belongings. The hidden pass-through can be pretty handy too.

The DELOOP Video Review

In the video that we've embedded below, I walk through several of the key features of this headphone bag, including its overall quality, fit and design.

Orbit Concepts says that the DELOOP bag is reasonably universal in scope, fitting "virtually all varieties of popular premium headphones. In practice, I found that it was best suited for medium to slightly bulkier headsets like the SteelSeries 9H shown the video. When you use the DELOOP for a smaller, more collapsible premium headset like the Creative Sound Blaster EVO Zx, you end up with a little too much extra space.

MEGATechie In the Bag or MEGATechie Thrown for a Loop?


The Orbit Concepts DELOOP Sport Headphone Bag is certainly a niche product. It has been designed for a very specific purpose and the jury is still out whether there is enough of a specific demand for this kind of product. Some headphones already come with protective cases of their own, though very few (if any) come with a properly designed carrying bag for you. In this way, the more compact design of the DELOOP could be pretty advantageous.

The materials are high quality and the layout makes sense. Even though the exterior shell is decidedly on the softer side of things, I feel the DELOOP provides adequate protection even if you put it (with your headphones) inside of an even bigger bag. Used on its own with the shoulder strap, the DELOOP takes on more of a "murse" kind of quality... but I'm hardly the final say when it comes to fashion. That's entirely up to you to decide.

The Orbit Concepts DELOOP Sport headphone bag, as shown here, has an estimated retail value of $89. If you like the design and would prefer full premium leather, the DELOOP Deluxe in smooth or quilted leather is expected to retail for $189. Look for both, as well as the larger DELOOP Audiophile later this year.