MEGATech Showcase: Put a Little Flash (Drive) In Your Holiday

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MEGATech Showcase: Put a Little Flash (Drive) In Your Holiday   naval ship flash drive

It’s that time again…in cruising around the web I’ve found several more interesting flash drives for your viewing pleasure. Some are weird, some are not-so-weird, some I want, and some I don’t. But they are all available, and they would all make decent stocking stuffers (or presents for yourself, if you’re not so much into buying gifts for others). Let the wild rumpus start!

You sank my battleship! Well, I hope not, since this one is actually a flash drive and isn’t waterproof. You should probably keep it away from your children if you have any, since anything that looks like a boat is sure to end up in water. This one has a metal housing, and as you can see, is fashioned after a naval ship. It measures 70 x 18 x 25mm and weighs 56g. It comes in 4GB to 32GB, with pricing ranging from $18.00 to $36.00 US.

Source: Geek Alerts

MEGATech Showcase: Put a Little Flash (Drive) In Your Holiday   230

For those of you who prefer to look a little more professional and polished, this chrome and leather flash drive should do the trick. This one is USB 3.0, and offers 32GB of storage (it also supports USB 2.0, don’t worry). To access the drive, you turn a knob on the back and the USB connector slides out. I like that, because I am forever losing my caps. This one will run you $27.99 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets

MEGATech Showcase: Put a Little Flash (Drive) In Your Holiday   productImage3480 500x222

[girl voice]It’s so cuuuute!!![/girl voice] OK, I’m done now, sorry. But really…could this thing be more adorable? I’m afraid I would lose it inside of ten minutes, but it would be nice to have a flash drive that would easily fit even in that useless little pocket in your jeans, wouldn’t it? It’s even water-resistant, due to its special chip-on-board (COB) manufacturing process. These come in red or black, 8GB to 32GB, and cost ranges merely from $7.99 to $21.99 US. They even carry a lifetime warranty!

Source: TechFresh

MEGATech Showcase: Put a Little Flash (Drive) In Your Holiday   166

Whether or not this is worth its weight in gold or not depends on what you’ve got stored on it. But this 32GB flash drive is shaped like a bar of gold. Really, the only information I have on this is exactly what you can figure out from the picture. But I do know something you can’t see…it’s going to cost you $39.99 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets

MEGATech Showcase: Put a Little Flash (Drive) In Your Holiday   olympus digital camera 454 625x468 c 500x375

I am honestly not sure what to make of this. It’s a flash drive made of paper. Dubbed intelliPaper, these are truly disposable flash drives, which is being described as a good thing because it will end the clutter of flash drives on your desk. I guess that makes sense if all you own are boring ones, but mine are all unique, and I wouldn’t want to replace any of them with a strip of paper I could throw away or recycle. They would be handy for mailing, though. Right now these are read-only, and marketed primarily for press releases. But they’re working on making them fully functional. No word on pricing, but they are selling them now.

Source: Digital Trends

MEGATech Showcase: Put a Little Flash (Drive) In Your Holiday   197 700x423 500x302

I am not at all an Apple person, so please bear with me for not getting it. What this does is expand the memory of your iPhone or iPod by 16GB, allowing you to play your tunes directly from it without eating up your phone’s memory with music. It also doesn’t require the iTunes network, which I totally get as being desirable. It’s got dual ports, one USB and one 30-pin Apple. If you’re an Apple person and would like one of these, you’re going to have to shell out $42.49 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets

And now I’m going to deviate from flash drives a bit, because the last two are really neat USB devices that I couldn’t think of enough to write about to warrant giving them their own separate posts. You’ll have that with me.

MEGATech Showcase: Put a Little Flash (Drive) In Your Holiday   I O Data WN TR2 Pocket Wi Fi Router

I/O Data Pocket Wi-Fi Router. Seriously. Don’t you want one? I’m lucky in that I’m still on my unlimited data plan from my wireless provider, so it’s not a huge deal for me to use only my smartphone if I’m out and about. But for those who are on limited data, or who don’t have a smartphone, I would think this would be invaluable. And it fits in your pocket, measuring just 22mm x 65mm x 15mm. It will give you wireless connection up to 150Mbps, and supports for WEP (128/64bit), WPA-PSK (TKIP/AES) and WPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES) wireless LAN security. It’s available in black or white, and will run you about $44.00 US (3,570 Yen).

Source: TechFresh

MEGATech Showcase: Put a Little Flash (Drive) In Your Holiday The Beatles USB The Beatles Music MAIN 500x207

At first, I thought, Cool! A Beatles flash drive! And then I read beyond the picture, and it got way cooler than that. This apple-shaped USB drive actually contains remastered audio for the band’s 14 stereo titles, plus so very much more. You also get the remastered CDs’ visual elements, 13 mini-documentary films about the albums, replicated UK album art, photos and expanded liner notes. In other words, you get the entire contents of The Beatles’ stereo box set in this one 16GB flash drive. You’re going to pay for the goodness, though. This one runs just under $300.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


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