MEGATech Reviews: GELID Fourza Mobile Charging Station
GELID Solutions takes a step away from its PC-minded business to charge your iPads, Nexuses and Galaxies with Smart IC. Can you slot it in?
  • Functional modern design
  • Plenty of charging power
  • Bundled short micro-USB cables
  • Charging cables can get messy
  • No on/off switch
  • No short Lightning cables included
7.5Overall Score

We’ve got a lot of gadgets these days and figuring out the most convenient way to charge them all can be a hassle. You don’t really want to run multiple wall adapters, because they just get unnecessarily cumbersome and ugly. Forging ahead with a more streamlined yet universal approach is the GELID Solutions Fourza fast charging station. Boasting a German design, the Fourza aims to provide “mobile charging with style.”

Solving a Very Common Problem


GELID Solutions probably isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you think about mobile accessories and charging stations. They’re better known as a computer company with such product lines as CPU coolers, thermal compounds and case fans. We’ve been seeing a lot of these “computer” companies making the leap into the mobile and “gadget” space lately.

If the design of the GELID Zentree is a little too unique for you, the Fourza could be a better fit. It’s a solid block of jet black with four angled slots to accommodate four of your USB-charging devices. Each of the four 2.4A USB ports boasts smart IC control, automatically detecting the most efficient charging cycle for the connected device. GELID also promises 87% efficiency.

Included in the package alongside the main Fourza unit and power cable are four short micro-USB cables. These ribbon style cables are meant to provide the perfect length for connecting your smartphones, tablets, e-book readers or whatever else.

Fourza Races to the Rescue


If you’re expecting anything especially groundbreaking here, you won’t find it. The Fourza is very much a purpose-built solution and it delivers exactly what it promises. Each of the four slots measures 15mm wide, which should be big enough to accommodate most smartphones and tablets, even if they are in a protective case.

I didn’t have any trouble fitting my ZTE Axon Pro in a TPU case or the Kindle Voyage in a bulkier origami case. The only hiccup I encountered was when I tried to charge my wife’s Galaxy S5 in the decidedly thicker Barbour wallet case. That didn’t fit.

The slight angle of the slots, along with the provided non-slip strips, comfortably held the devices in place. There are also rubber feet on the base of the Fourza to prevent it from slipping around. I imagine a version with integrated wireless charging could prove awfully convenient for certain demographics too. Of course, you can always connect a USB-powered Qi charging mat of your choosing.

You don’t have to use the provided micro-USB cables if you don’t want to. Apple users will need to provide their own Lightning cables; you’ll want to source some extra short ones.

The Dangling Modifier


The GELID Fourza has a decidedly masculine stance and design about it. When there are no USB cables connected, it’s a rather nondescript block of black with some neon green highlights. When you plug in those USB cables, though, things can get a little more messy.

This isn’t terrible when the cables are actually connected to and charging a device, but it can get unsightly when you have four ribbon cables hanging off the side being unused. The Fourza is best placed along the back edge of your desk so that the power cable can disappear behind your table. I placed the Fourza on the wide window ledge in my master bedroom and this forced me to run the power cable from the back to the front.

The net result is a solution that isn’t so perfectly streamlined, so you will want to choose your placement carefully.

MEGATechie Powerful Fix or MEGATechie Stuck in Neutral?


A lot of technology is hiding behind that matte black shell. The Fourza provides surge protection, short circuit protecting, smart charging, over temperature protection and auto power cut-off for compatible devices. GELID has also utilized eco-friendly materials for the build. It does what it needs to do and it does it well.

The dangling charging cables can get annoying after a while. I also found the lack of a power switch disappointing, though GELID says that the idle “vampire” power consumption is a mere 0.06W. The real question is whether you’re willing to invest about $40 on this charging station. While certainly not overpriced, it’s not cheap enough to be an impulse buy either. If you’re really only charging one or two devices at a time, you might not need this. If you’re rocking multiple tablets, phones, e-readers and other smart devices, it could prove a worthy purchase.

Green means go?

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