A big part of just about any technology game these days is versatility. We’re no longer satisfied with products that only serve one purpose or can only be used under one kind of circumstance. At the same time, we don’t want to sacrifice anything in terms of performance in order to gain some added flexibility. And yes, this even applies to a pair of speakers. You may not think much of the Creative T15 Wireless 2.0 Speaker System at first glance, but there is at least a little something beyond what meets the eye.

Specs and Features at a Glance


The Creative T15 Wireless is a 2.0 speaker system. You get stereo sound, but there is no separate subwoofer for the standard 2.1 effect. The two satellite speakers are almost exactly the same size, though the right side is marginally bigger (200 x 90 x 180 mm vs. 200 x 90 x 170 mm), presumably to house some of the extra components needed for connectivity and controls.

The official product page makes no specific mention of the actual wattage at play. However, we are told that each satellite has separate dedicated tweeters “for crisp highs” while the main speaker with its “custom-selected drivers” provide “distinctive midrange.” To make up for the lack of a separate subwoofer, each satellite is also equipped with “BasXPort technology,” which I’ll discuss in just a moment.

While the speakers are a little bigger than I had expected, the overall look doesn’t exactly break the mold. They’re black trapezoids, angled slightly upwards for better delivery. The glossy black front adds a dash of style, along with the grill-less design. Rounding out the specs, we find 3.5mm stereo mini input, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR with A2DP, a 1.5-meter speaker cable and a 1.5-meter power cable.

Isn’t Bluetooth for Portable Speakers?


We’ve reviewed several Bluetooth speakers in this space before and they’ve practically all been geared much more toward mobile use. They’ve all had batteries for true on-the-go listening. Such is not the case here. You will need to connect the Creative T15 Wireless to a wall outlet at all times, because it is geared more toward use in the home.

In this way, you could use the Bluetooth for a slightly cleaner desk with your computer, but I found myself using the regular line-in instead. Does this mean that the Bluetooth is useless? Not really. When you turn on the Bluetooth, you can pair up these speakers with your smartphone (or other Bluetooth source) and enjoy some music without having to turn on your PC first. Creative shows these speakers being tucked away on a bookshelf, which could work too.

The Creative T15 Wireless doesn’t get the bells and whistles of the Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200, but a larger pair of separate satellites can give you better stereo separation than a typical block-style Bluetooth speaker.

Bigger Sound Than Expected


From a design standpoint, the Creative T15 Wireless is a kind of forgettable. From a connectivity standpoint, it’s really just doing par for the course. However, at this kind of price range and without a separate subwoofer for oomph, I was quite impressed with what these speakers were able to produce. A good part of this likely has to do with the slightly larger size compared to compact PC pairs, but that BasXPort technology shouldn’t be downplayed either.

Each speaker has a fairly large port tube, not unlike a subwoofer, to channel sound waves from the inner chamber to the soundstage. What that means is that you get a little more thump than if it lacked this kind of design feature. If you’re like Meghan Trainor and you’re all about that bass, you can crank the tone dial all the way to the left. There is a definite “notch” at the midway point to indicate perfect balance between treble and bass too, so there’s a little less guessing involved.

My personal preference had the tone dial turned about 20 or 25% in the bass direction, as I still found the treble to be too harsh on my ears. Sound production isn’t really an issue here, unlike the Creative AirWave, which is about the same size as one of the satellites here. Having the volume dial and Bluetooth button on the front is standard and appreciated too.

MEGATechie Wireless Freedom or MEGATechie Just Another Desk Jockey?


In some regards, the Creative T15 Wireless is just another set of generic stereo speakers. You can hook them up to your laptop or desktop at will and they’ll be treated just like another set of generic speakers. The added utility of Bluetooth provides some extra versatility, making it easier to fill a small room with music from your smartphone or even from your notebook PC if that’s what you want to do. The BasXPort technology sounds like a gimmick, and it kind of is, but it really does work.

No, these speakers certainly aren’t going to blow your mind and they’re not going to revolutionize the way that you listen to YouTube videos. And while I found the 1.5-meter cable to connect the two satellites was a touch too short for my needs, I did appreciate the overall soundscape (at the right tone setting) and level of sound production. The Creative T15 Wireless 2.0 speaker system can be found online for under $70. It is available now.

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