MEGATech Reviews - Choiix Netbook Easy Fit Sleeve C-ND01

Netbooks are slowly becoming an integral part of our digital lifestyles, so it’s not at all surprising that we’re seeing a lot of netbook accessories that cater specifically to this market. We want to be mobile, but we want to be fashionable and functional at the same time too.

One of the newer entries in this arena is the Choiix Netbook Easy Fit Sleeve, a protective sleeve which is also known by its less catchy model number, C-ND01. To my knowledge, this is the second attempt by Choiix at this kind of product and it looks like they’re moving in the right direction.

A Different Kind of Netbook Sleeve

I had a look at the original Easy Fit Sleeve from Choiix last year and while it may have had a fashionable slant, I didn’t think it was quite as functional. The netbook, while in the sleeve, is still completely exposed to the elements. That’s counter to the purpose of a sleeve in the first place.

Choiix was listening. For this newer version, the Netbook Easy Fit Sleeve comes bundled with a black bag that can then house the whole shi-bang. This way, if you’re going to carry it on its own, you can still be protected. If you’re tossing it into your own bag, then the black sack isn’t as necessary.

Like the first Easy Fit Sleeve, the newer C-ND01 opens up like a book to house your netbook. This is in sharp contrast to the pouch-style sleeves that you’ve probably seen elsewhere. This adds accessibility and, from what I can see, more protection too.

Vented for Performance, Not Comfort

Opening it up, you’ll discover that the right side of the Easy Fit Sleeve is not made of solid material. That’s the side where you’ll be placing your netbook.

MEGATech Reviews - Choiix Netbook Easy Fit Sleeve C-ND01

These are heat ventilation holes, allowing the base of your netbook to breathe properly when you have it on and housed inside the Choiix Netbook Easy Fit Sleeve. This is much better for the health and performance of your netbook, just like using a laptop cooling stand when you are seated at a table.

That’s well and good for the netbook, but it might not be quite so good for your lap. The heat from your netbook will naturally escape through these vents, going directly onto your thighs. This is a tradeoff, of course, and it will be a matter of personal preference.

MEGATech Reviews - Choiix Netbook Easy Fit Sleeve C-ND01

Here is the Choiix sleeve with my Acer Aspire One. The sleeve is designed to work with all 8.9-inch netbooks (like my Acer), as well as all 10-inch netbooks (like the Eee PC 1000 series). It’s also perfectly suitable for the Dell Mini, MSI Wind, Samsung NC10, and so on.

With my 8.9-inch Aspire One, I still had a fair bit of wiggle room, but it was snug enough that, when closed, I wouldn’t worry about it rattling around all too much. The netbook stays in the sleeve while you use your netbook.

Along the outside, there’s also a swivel portion that comes out to hold SD cards, business cards, and other small objects. Don’t expect this sleeve to act like a real laptop bag, of course, so the accessorizing will be kept to a minimum.

MegaTechie Fashionable or MegaTechie Faux Pas?

There are some people in this world who are only interested in function. These are the people that may be interested in a netbook and may invest in a simple black netbook sleeve. These are not the people who would be interested in the Easy Fit Sleeve from Choiix.

MEGATech Reviews - Choiix Netbook Easy Fit Sleeve C-ND01

Instead, it’s much more about transforming “your netbook into a fashion statement.” The Choiix C-ND01 Netbook Easy Fit Sleeve is available in brown, black, pink, yellow, and pink. It opens up like a book, rather than like a pouch, and I appreciate some of the new features that they’ve introduced for this go-around.

The vented base really helps with dissipating some of the heat that will inevitably be generated by your netbook and the inclusion of that simple black bag is great for protecting against the elements. It’s not really my kind of style, but I can see some people who would be interested in something like this.

Retailing for about twenty bucks, the Choiix Easy Fit Sleeve for netbooks is durable and stylish, while offering a good amount of protection for your Eee PC or other netbook. A much simpler case can easily sell for just as much, so you might as well show some style with this Choiix.

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