When you play a lot of video games or even if you only play once in a while, it can be a pain having to deal with batteries. We all enjoy having wireless controllers, but this convenience comes at a price. You could go with regular alkalines or even rechargeable NiMH batteries, but they’re not that convenient. To make matters worse for all the Nintendo Wii owners in the audience, you have to remove the silicone sleeve and the Wii Motion Plus before you can change the batteries. Thankfully, the Nyko Charge Base IC addresses all of these concerns in one affordable and convenient package. Read on to find out what we think of it in this MEGATech Review!

Features and Box Contents

We already know that one of the easiest ways to go green is to use rechargeable batteries wherever possible. They also happen to be less expensive and more convenient in the long run. The Nyko Charge Base IC is different from other charging docks, because it allows you to leave the Wii MotionPlus and the silicone sleeve on your Wii Remote when it comes time to charge. That’s very handy.

Power can come by way of the included AC wall adapter, which happens to have a helpful power pass through. Also included in the box are two rechargeable batteries that are integrated with battery covers, as well as the instruction manual and a plastic key tool to access to the “sync” button behind the battery cover.

How Does It Work?

What sets the Nyko Charge Base IC apart from the competition is that it uses an induction-based charging system. This is wireless, so there is no cable connecting the Wii Remote to the dock; it attaches magnetically. The back part of the battery cover makes contact with the charge base and power is then transferred. This is similar to the thing that electric toothbrush does when it charges up. It also keeps sweaty palms from getting a shock after a frantic game of Wii Tennis.

This design will work with regular Wii Remote controllers, as well as the Nyko Wand+ and other third-party controllers. Since it is a free-floating design, the Wii MotionPlus does not need to be detached. The induction charging system is much more convenient than the charging system used with the Nyko Energy Pak for the Wii Balance Board, but I don’t see how they could use induction for that application anyway.

As an added bonus, the Charge Base IC has a powered USB output port in the back for charging other accessories, gadgets, and peripherals. Go ahead and charge your iPhone while playing some New Super Mario Bros.

Design, Usability, and Convenience

The build quality of the Nyko Charge Base IC is in line with what you’d expect with a third-party accessory. The white and clear plastic is of decent quality, but it’s really nothing to write home about. The version here can accommodate up to two Wii Remote controllers, much like many other Wii chargers, but there is a version that’ll take up to four controllers too. If you prefer, the charger comes in black too.

The usability is about as easy as it gets. After installing the batteries into your controllers, you never have to really access them ever again. Plug the Charge Base IC into the wall and let the magnet “catch” your Wii Remote. It automatically snaps into place. You’ll also notice the power button in the center. This can help with the “vampire draw” that may be associated with some other devices. The cool blue glow indicates that the charger is on and working.

MegaTechie Energetic or MegaTechie Gimmick?

Unlike the incredibly quirky Type Pad Pro, the Nyko Charge Base IC is very useful and very easy-to-use. Every Wii owner should have a charging dock of some kind and this is one of the best I’ve seen. The induction charging is a perfect fit, especially with the increasingly popularity of games that require the Wii Motion Plus attachment. If you’d like, you can even leave the nunchuk attached, since the charging isn’t done through the port in the base of the Wii Remote.

The Nyko Charge Base IC, including two battery packs, is listed at $34.99. The Charge Base Quad IC (for four controllers) is $49.99.

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