This past Friday, we made our way over to the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Burnaby campus to participate in the fantastic spring LAN party put on by the BCIT Student Association. You might remember when we were there last fall for BCIT Tech Days, but this time around, the focus was definitely on the gaming side of things.

They had tournaments going on for Starcraft and League of Legends, but we at MEGATechNews wanted to make sure the console gamers could have some fun with some casuals too. So, we set up a freeplay station with an Xbox 360 and Super Street Fighter IV, giving attendees the opportunity to try out the HORI Real Arcade Pro VX SA Kai and the Eightarc Fusion Synthesis arcade sticks. We also brought along the RetroDuo Portable Version 2.0 with the Super Nintendo version of Street Fighter II. All in all, the event had about 150 participants and it continues to grow.

Our friends at Futurelooks put together a quick overview video of the 2013 BCITSA Spring LAN event, which I’ve embedded below. It features some interviews with folks from NCIX, LANcouver, BCITSA, and even me, representing MEGATechNews. Check out the video and photo gallery below.


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