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Be sure to bring your poncho with you wherever you go this weekend because we got ourselves a leak! Though I do feel like calling this one a "leak" doesn't exactly do it justice. Rumors of an NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet have been making the rounds and if what VideoCardz just got their hands on isn't legit, then someone went through a hell of a lot of trouble just to trick some people on the Internet.

Leaks come in many forms, dropping tidbits of information that over time can be pieced together to create a picture of what's to come. Then there are moments like this, where all the information we could want is just dumped at our feet.

According to the slideshow posted below in the gallery, the SHIELD tablet sports an 8-inch 1080p IPS display, 2GB of RAM, NVIDIA's K1 SoC, Direct Stylus 2 support, a microSD slot, and either 16GB (Wi-Fi only model) or 32GB of internal storage. It will also use its own exclusive controller--largely mirroring the controller part of the original NVIDIA SHIELD--that will sell for $60.

The most impressive thing is actually the price point, which sits at $300 for the tablet and $60 for the controller. The SHIELD Tablet is rumored to be announced on July 22nd with sales starting July 29th in the US and Canada, followed by August 14th in Europe.



via IntoMobile