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Next week, Sony is holding an event in New York and I'd bet my bottom dollar that we'll hear something about the upcoming PlayStation 4, but for now we have only rumors, speculation, and leaks to go on. The above picture, courtesy of Destructoid, has apparently been confirmed as an early prototype for the PlayStation 4 controller.

The controller seems to sport not only what looks like a Move sensor on top, but a small touchscreen right in the middle of it. Potential functionality aside, it certainly doesn't look appealing. Then again, it is a prototype, and there are always ugly prototypes.

If that is a Move sensor, I can only imagine how awkward wielding that thing is going to be. I've never been super comfortable with the Sixaxis controls. And a touchscreen? If it works, it works, but I hope they're not just jumping on a bandwagon. Bandwagons rarely go anywhere good.