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Yesterday, Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 without ever actually showing the console and I was not the only one on the Internet to point out the irony of a console-less console reveal. Today, Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO Jack Tretton addressed the issue, stating plain and simply that there is no console to show right now.

Tretton said that while they can show the PlayStation 4's capabilities, they don't yet have a "mass-production box" to show, with the final look of the console still in development. Tretton goes on to argue that capability is more important than the physical look of a console, which is absolutely true.

As far as the price goes, there's no final decision there either, but Tretton does hope that it'll be cheaper than the PS3's original price of $599. Look for the PlayStation 4 to make its actual physical debut later this year, most likely at E3 in June.

via The Verge