When the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were officially announced a little over a week ago, Apple announced that both models would be the first in the iPhone line to use NFC, otherwise known as near-field communications. If you’ve ever sent or received a picture by touching the back of your phone to another phone, you were using NFC. In this case, however, Apple is using the technology for one thing and one thing only.

Another big feature announced along with the iPhone 6 was Apple Pay, Apple’s new mobile payment platform. Apple Pay will not only use NFC to function, but it will be the only thing using the NFC chip inside of the phone. While NFC is capable of a lot of things – namely swapping files and info – the iPhone 6 will use it exclusively for its payment system.

Apple hasn’t said why they’re placing such restrictions on the NFC technology, but given that it will be used to transfer payment information, they might see a security risk in giving access to third-party developers. Whatever the case, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be this way forever. NFC is a powerful tool and it would be a shame if Apple didn’t use it to its full potential.

via Mobile Syrup

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