The Humble Store Debuts with Cheap Games

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Introducing the Humble Store - - Gmail

First there was the Humble Bundle. Then there was the Humble Weekly Sale. Now the “humble” folks have expanded their operation in a much bigger way by adding the Humble Store.

Instead of the random bundles that you’re used to picking up on the cheap, the Humble Store offers new games and deals everyday that are available for single purchase. You’re not going to get the crazy deal that the bundles offer, but just one day in and the selection seems excellent and the discounts are in the 50% - 75% off range.

The Humble Blog makes it clear that the store won’t be replacing the bundles but it will rather exist alongside them, so this is really just even more deals for everyone to take advantage of. Like always, a portion of the proceeds go to charity, but with Humble Store purchases, the split is fixed.

Rogue Legacy is $7.49 and everyone needs to buy it right now.


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