You may have already heard that AT&T is doing its part for providing some relief to Japan. Now, a couple of homegrown companies are doing the same to help their neighbors get back to their feet (only to cross them up with a virtual shoryuken, as the case may be).

First, Capcom is stepping up by putting Street Fighter IV for iOS (which is surprisingly close to the console version of SFIV) on sale for just 99 cents. How does this help? All revenues from sales of the popular fighting game for the iPhone and iPad will be given directly to a charity in Japan. Who knew Chun-Li’s man-hands were actually helping hands? That goes on until March 22.

Similarly, Sega is going to donate 100% of its proceeds from select iOS downloads to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund in Japan. From now until March 20, you can buy Sonic Spinball ($0.99), Sonic the Hedgehog ($1.99), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ($2.99), and Sonic the Hedgehog 4th Episode 1 ($3.99) and Sega will do the rest.

You might think that 99 cents probably isn’t going to do much for the proud citizens of Japan, but when the whole world pitches in, amazing things can happen.

Source: BGR

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