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This is just...wow. Of course, everyone is looking at this as a fabulous solution to having your favourite espresso brew on the go. Me, I look at it like an accident waiting to happen. What good can possibly come from a handheld espresso maker that fits in the cup holder of your car and plugs into your cigarette lighter (oops, sorry...power port)? Sure, there is the 10% of the population that would actually pour a cup before they drove, but then there are the rest of you. You know who you are, don't try to deny it. You're the ones who think hands-free cell phones are only necessary for other people, right? And speaking of which, that brings up another point: You can't talk on your phone without a hands-free device, but you're going to pour a cup of espresso in the car? Again, just...wow.

Anyway, the Handpresso Auto is what I said above: a handheld espresso maker for your car. All you need to do is fill it with water and your preferred ESE espresso pod, and you've got coffee when and where you want it within seconds. It's shaped to fit into your car's cup holder, and runs off the 12v power supplied by your cigarette lighter (power port, whatever). It appears that you'll need to provide your own cup.

This one is only available in a few select (mostly European) countries, which I guess is good given my point of view on the silly thing. If you want one, it'll run you 149.00.

Source: Technabob

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