Google Planning Five Android 5.0 Nexus Devices

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Google is likely going to be showing off Android 5.0 at next month's I/O Conference and it's being reported that the company is in talks with up to five manufacturers about producing stock Android 5.0 Jellybean smartphones and tablets. Google will reportedly have these out by the end of the year and will be selling them directly through their website.

Google's history of selling through their own store isn't the greatest, but hopefully things will be different now that Android has established itself so well. Android tablets are still trailing being Apple's iPad, but hopefully that will change too, with the release of a Nexus tablet. The Kindle Fire is successful, but has neither Google nor Android branding.

Google is obviously prepared to make a big push, something we'll surely learn about next month at Google I/O, which takes place from June 27th to June 29th in San Francisco.

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