We all love to take pictures and videos with our phones, but as the quality goes up, so do the file sizes, and storage space is becoming more and more of an issue. Google has been proactive in this regard, so if you’re an on Android phone (or an iPhone with Google Photos installed) you may have noticed your photos automatically being backed up to the cloud.

The Google Photos “Assistant” does a variety of things. It creates collages from your pictures, it will make animations out of a stream of similar pictures, and it will generally tweak and craft photos on its own in an attempt to appease you, its human master. Now it will do something far more useful: it will prompt you to delete photos and video that are snugly secured in the cloud.

This is a big deal, because Google Photos offers unlimited storage, and this effectively grants your phone unlimited storage, too. At least when it comes to photos and video. If you don’t regularly delete your stuff, the assistant will notify you when you’re low on storage and present that as an option.

The update is rolling out now for Android (I’m downloading it as I type) and the iOS version should be available soon. Once it’s installed, simply open Google Photos, go to settings, and hit “Free up device storage” to delete everything that’s already backed up.

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