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Google has sold and given out plenty of Glass headsets at this point, but this may be the most important case yet. The company has given Google Glass headsets to several non-profits, so that they can document their work and explore how the headsets may affect charity work.

Google is calling the initiative “Giving Through the Glass” and has given Glass to the World Wildlife Fund, Samasource, Give Directly, DoSomething!, and charity: water. Each organization is tasked with integrating the headset into their daily work.

Google expects the operation to highlight more of the headset’s features, while the charities hope it will “bring more transparency to philanthropy, and close the gap between donors and the people they support.”

We’re all aware of the giant disconnect between those of us who are cozy here in the first world and those suffering in the third. As far as I’m concerned, anything that makes those issues more apparent is a good thing.

via Slash Gear