Google Approves Android Phone with Pre-Installed Cyanogenmod

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You couldn’t just leave well enough alone, could you? So many of you had to go and tinker with your phones that Google had no choice but to give in and approve an Android phone that runs Cyanogenmod out of the box.

I kid, of course, about Google’s hand being forced. They’ve never been too strict about locking down their stuff, so when the Cyanogenmod team sought out Google’s blessing to be able to sell a phone with their application pre-installed, Google said yes.

The phone isn’t new. It’s just the Oppo N1, a high-end Chinese-made phone, and while it isn’t a terrible phone, it’s cheaper (and probably preferable) to just pick up a phone you actually want and install Cyanogenmod yourself.  Regardless, the fact that Google approved this is pretty awesome.

If you are interested in the Oppo N1 with Cyanogenmod, it goes on sale December 24.

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