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Two of my least favourite things about buying fruit at the grocery store are the sticker labels they put on them and the fact that you never know who has touched it or what might have gotten spilled on it. I'm pretty religious about washing fruit as soon as I get it home, but sometimes those stickers seem to be welded in place. Wouldn't it be neat if they would dissolve in water?

Now they can! But with the added bonus that in addition to dissolving, they turn into food-grade soap to actually aid in washing. Which means you no longer have to buy fruit wash or worry you might end up eating some if you don't rinse well. What could be better?

The labels have the fruit name, country of origin, and a bar code for easy checkout (eliminating the need to look up the product code for your apples), and can also be removed by peeling. But rinsing and rubbing them triggers the transformation into fruit soap...although you should bear in mind that they are water resistant, so simply rinsing them won't do it. The fruit soap helps remove not only pesticides or whatever was on the last person's hands, but also that obnoxious wax coating.

Unfortunately, these are still a concept product as of right now, but you can buy a 10% stake in the patents to help bring them to market. Their goal is to be producing them within the next 6-9 months.

Source: Gizmag