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Since we haven't been able to earn Fido dollars for some time now, the Rogers sub-brand has been active in trying to offer other perks. Get a "Pulse" plan and you get Spotify Premium and Daily Vice. But what if you want more Vice-themed debauchery? Well, good news, because Fido has now announced that all prepaid and postpaid customers will get free access to VICELAND for the entirety of 2017.

You can read up some of the finer details on the Fido website itself, but the gist goes like this. First, you'll need to download the VICE app on your iOS or Android device. Then, pop over to the VICELAND section, authenticate your account with your Fido phone number, enter the code you get via SMS and away you go.

You'll need to re-authenticate your account every 30 days so they can make sure you're still a current Fido customer. Streaming Huang's World, Noisey, or Ellen Page's Gaycation on the go is going to gobble up your mobile data, so do keep that in mind, just as you would when streaming Netflix or YouTube. Fido says that you can expect to burn through about 8MB per minute of video, give or take.

Conveniently, you're not restricted to the small screen of your increasingly large smartphone either. You can also watch VICELAND content on your computer too, so long as you verify your Fido account.

I'd argue that getting a year's worth of VICELAND is even better than the free data promotion that just ended. And no, this doesn't replace Daily VICE. VICELAND shows are full-length programming, whereas Daily VICE consists of much shorter clips.

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