Fake Angry Birds Space App is Malware Trap

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Angry Birds Space is awesome, as I attested to in my review, but you know what isn't awesome? The fake Angry Birds Space app floating around the Android Market Google Play Store that will load your phone with malware. Once the app is downloaded, it downloads even more malware to your phone and enlists your phone on a botnet, giving hackers access to it for use in dastardly schemes.

The best advice one can give is to always check the developer on the apps that you download and make sure the Angry Birds Space that you download comes from Rovio. The fake app isn't on the official Google Play store, but there are plenty of third party Android app stores out there. Hopefully Google will catch and remove this impostor soon. Until then, exercise caution when downloading the game and if you already have it, make sure it's the actual game.

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