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Consumers are chomping at the bit for the Nexus 4, but due to high demand and long shipping times, many people won't be able to get their hands on the device until next year. When you need a popular item and you can't get it through the regular channels, where do you turn? Online auction juggernaut eBay, of course!

Due to the demand, eBay has imposed sales restrictions on the device. This doesn't mean that it can't be sold - on the contrary, eBay is encouraging it - only that sellers must meet certain criteria in an attempt to combat consumer fraud.

The official message is listed below, but to sum it up: different levels of sellers can list different amounts of items, while brand new sellers that haven't verified their info and sellers that don't meet the minimum performance standard aren't allowed to list the device during the post-launch sale period.

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The launch of the Google Nexus 4 is underway, so now’s a great time to list these highly anticipated devices. Follow these guidelines for listing the Google Nexus 4 and take advantage of strong buyer demand.Google Nexus 4 Product Post-Launch SalesYou may list a Google Nexus 4 with some limitations:

  • Authorized resellers will be allowed to list an unlimited number of items per week.
  • eBay Top Rated Sellers will be allowed to list up to 8 items per week.
  • All sellers meeting minimum performance standards will be allowed to list 4 items per week.
  • New sellers who’ve confirmed their personal information may list 1 item per week.
Note: Sellers not meeting minimum performance standards or that haven’t confirmed their personal information will not be allowed to list the Google Nexus 4 during the post-launch sale period.
So, if it wasn’t hard enough to get your hands on a Nexus 4 already, things are looking to become even tougher over the coming weeks. If you’ve been fortunate enough to receive one, but plan on selling it, you’ll want to hit the source link below for the full run-down.