And no, I’m not talking about illegal downloading or even utilizing a VPN to circumvent the geographical licensing restrictions.

Ever since Jeremy Clarkson got himself into that “fracas” with the BBC, ever since the triumphant trio pulled away from Top Gear, we’ve wondered when we’d get our “proper” motoring show again. That kicked off last week with the arrival of The Grand Tour on Amazon… except we couldn’t watch it “officially” in Canada or in any number of other places around the world either. But there’s a clever and apparently somewhat official workaround.

In fact, you can use this strategy to watch other Amazon Prime video content too, most of which would consist of Amazon original programming. From what we can gather, this is somewhat sanctioned by Amazon too.

The idea is relatively straightforward. In the case of Canadians, you sign into your account on as you normally would. Then, you sign up for Amazon Prime if you don’t already have it. The next step is the real eye opener.


Point your browser at the Amazon Prime Video Watch While Abroad section on the US-based There, you’ll find a number of series and programming listed under the “TV to watch while abroad,” including The Grand Tour. Stream at will. That’s it. It’s that simple.

Of course, Amazon has indicated that The Grand Tour will be available to more countries, including Canada, very soon. This might mean that we’ll finally be getting some taste of Amazon Prime Video or it might mean they’ll have a different delivery model. In the meantime, this workaround is likely the easiest (legal) way to watch the show.

And this way, we can keep watching Clarkson, May and Hammond no matter how many times they get fired.

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