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Nyko has been in the game for a long time, manufacturing third-party videogame accessories since the mid-1990s. They've managed to stay afloat for almost twenty years and it's because they do things like market accessories for consoles before they're even released.

Nyko is releasing the Smart Clip, a means of attaching your phone to your PS4 or Xbox One controller to help with that second screen experience. It may look a little silly, but truth be told, it addresses the very real problem of where you put and how you hold your second screen.

The Smart Clips will be available around the time the consoles launch, along with a controller-charging station and an Xbox One headset adapter. I've never been a big purchaser of third-party accessories, but I can see the Smart Clip really coming in handy. Nyko, keep doing that thing that you do.

via Kotaku