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It's only been a little over a month since mobile juggernaut Zynga purchased developer OMGPOP after their game Draw Something took off like wildfire, but the game has already lost a third of its player base. While the Pictionary-esque app is still popular, it's lost almost five million daily users since the acquisition. That leaves ten million daily users, which is still an undeniablely impressive number, but such a steep and sudden decline could forecast doom for the app's staying power.

Do you think Zynga jumped the gun a little bit throwing down one fifth of a billion dollars for a developer with one runaway hit? I can't say I wasn't shocked at Draw Something's almost immediate success, but the manner in which it skyrocketed up the charts had "hype" written all over it. I don't know if Zynga is regretting the purchase at this point, but I'm sure there have been some second guesses.

via Slash Gear