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I use plenty of products with touch screens, but I haven't actually used a stylus since I bought a Nintendo DS almost ten years (I can't believe it's been that long, either). I'm a fan of the nifty little things, if only because they keep my fat sausage fingers from smudging up the screen. Steve Jobs was always publicly anti-stylus, but it looks like the powers-that-be at Apple got a little sick of their own sausage finger smudges once he passed on.

According to a patent that Apple filed in 2012, the company was considering their very own stylus, one that allowed the user to draw thinner or thicker lines based on "stylus orientation detection." This is both similar to and completely different from the Samsung Galaxy Note series. With the Apple version, keeping the stylus perfectly vertical results in a thin line, whereas an angled stylus could result in a thicker line, just like you'd get with a calligraphy pen.

As BGR points out, Apple is unlikely to bundle a stylus with one of its flagship products, but it's possible to see the company sell one as an optional accessory. The larger iPad that's due out later this year would make good use of a stylus, especially for students or artists.