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Unlike some people, I'm not staunchly anti-piracy. I think it's a gray area with a lot of room for debate. That being said, I applaud companies when they take clever and creative steps against it. When Greenheart Games leaked a cracked version of Game Dev Tycoon to torrent sites with its own in-game piracy issues, I thought it was fantastic. Remedy did a similar thing with Alan Wake, giving the main character an eyepatch.

Now it's Square Enix's turn at bat to fight the pirates with its upcoming iOS title Deus Ex: The Fall. If the game recognizes a jailbroken device, the player's guns with jam, preventing them from firing. To be fair, this isn't exactly the same as pirating the game, as users with jailbroken devices can still buy the game legitimately, which is causing something of an uproar from those who have done exactly that.

Square Enix has announced that they will be removing restrictions against jailbroken devices in the near future, which is good news for consumers. Wanting to protect your product is one thing, but jumping from a jailbroken iPod to a pirated game is an unnecessary assumption.

via The Verge