Users around the world are starting to report that cracks are showing up in the bezel of their Samsung Galaxy S3 phones. Forum users around the Internet are posting pictures of a hairline crack that develops just below the power button on the right hand side of the phone. While not manufactured to the same standards as Apple’s iPhone, the Galaxy S3 is supposedly very durable. Many of these cracks have developed in units that have spent their entire life encased in some form of protection and/or have never been dropped.

Users are also reporting that Samsung has decided to bury their head in the sand and ignore this issue by not repairing under warranty. Below is an excerpt from obtained by MegaTechNews in which Samsung replies that it is not a warrantable repair and the customer would be required to pay for the repairs.

Thank you for contacting Samsung Customer Care.

We understand that you have provided the necessary information in order to proceed further to resolve the crack on your Samsung SIII device.

We thank you for providing the necessary information.

We would like to inform you that we have checked the images attached to the email and would like to confirm that Samsung doesn’t have an option to replace or refund for physical damaged units. You will be charged for the service.

We recommend you get back to us with the exact Canadian address with postal code to provide you the details of service.

Thank you for contacting Samsung.

It is worth noting that our long-term loaner from Samsung has also developed this crack issue and the reviewer was wondering how it could have possibly happened until these reports started surfacing. Here is a situation where Samsung should follow in Apple’s footsteps and step up (pun intended) and offer a replacement or repair and in doing so, offer the same superior after-sale service that we see so often from Apple.

Thanks to SR Whitney @teknokracy for the email


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