Couple Tries to Cancel Comcast, Customer Retention Disaster Ensues

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If you've ever tried to cancel a service, you're probably familiar with the customer retention department. It makes perfect sense. Companies don't want to lose customers, so they will do everything in their power to keep your business. In my experience, I've been wooed by impressive discounts. Unfortunately, that isn't the case for everyone. Some folks working in customer retention choose fear and bullying over bribery, which is what happened recently to a couple trying to cancel their Comcast service.

The audio clip below is not a pleasant listen. Ryan Block, the customer in the clip, explains that this clip begins about 10 minutes into the conversation, after which his upset wife had already given up and handed him the phone. The representative, whose named is respectfully muted out, is completely belligerent and refuses to take "no" for an answer. Just listening to the clip and having no connection to these people, nor being a Comcast customer, I found myself getting incredibly frustrated.

I hope Comcast brings the hammer down swift and hard on this guy, not just because it's completely unacceptable, but I'd like to know that Comcast really isn't okay with this sort of behavior. The company has already commented on the matter, saying that they're investigating the situation and personally apologizing to Ryan Block and Veronica Belmont, but I think whatever disciplinary action they take will be much more telling.

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  • Stephen Fung

    Wow. They pulled that on Ryan Block and Veronica Belmont! This guy is going to have a bad day. He just messed with Tech Blogger royalty! LOL!

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