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Those holding out for a new power supply need not wait any longer. This is the season of 1200 watt Platinum PSUs as Corsair releases the AX1200i Digital Power Supply to join the ranks of this small but growing club.

What makes the AX1200i 80+ Platinum different from the other three units like it? Well to start, it is a 100% modular unit from Corsair and it fully supports their Corsair Link technology. The latter addition gives you real-time monitoring of temperature, current draw, and power efficiency. It also gives you direct control of the PSU fan speed and over-current protection settings.

The 80+ platinum rating and Corsair Link features are achieved thanks to the Digital Signal Processor and full digital control circuitry. This design from Corsair simplifies the circuit design to boost efficiency, maintain low ripple noise, and deliver stable voltage to your PC. It is no coincidence the AX1200i has already won several awards since its initial coming out party at Computex 2012.

The Corsair AX1200i Digital PSU comes with a 7 year warranty and is available right now for US$349. Now, you just need to ask if you need this kind of power and which retailer is offering free shipping.

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Corsair Announces Availability of AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply

– Award winning AX1200i DSP-based PSU delivers 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency and superior monitoring and control via Corsair Link™ –

August 30, 2012 — Corsair®, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the worldwide availability of the Corsair AX1200i Digital ATX Power, the World’s most advanced PC power supply unit (PSU) for PC gamers and enthusiasts.

The AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply was first announced at Computex Taipei 2012, where it won a prestigious "Best of Computex 2012" award from Tom's Hardware. Other recent accolades include the HEXUS.net Wish List award, TechPowerUP! Editor’s Choice award, TweakTown Must Have award, Guru3D.com Best Hardware award, and many more. Maximum PC magazine in the US also selected the AX1200i for use in its Dream Machine 2012, a yearly feature that uses only highest-quality PC components to build the ultimate PC.

"We’re hugely excited to announce that our award-winning AX1200i PSU is now available to enthusiasts and gamers worldwide”, said Thi La, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the PC Components Group at Corsair. "This incredible power supply has created a huge stir in the market, winning numerous prestigious accolades, and securing Corsair’s position as the leading manufacturer of premium quality PSUs."

The Corsair AX1200i's digitally-controlled power circuitry delivers incredibly stable voltages, and exceptionally low ripple and noise. The use of a Digital Signal Processor also results in a simplified circuit design, and incredible energy efficiency. The AX1200i easily achieves 80 PLUS® Platinum certification, and can operate in a silent fanless mode until the PSU reaches between 30 - 40% of its 1200 watt power rating. In addition, the AX1200i's DSP-based design and Corsair Link™ technology provides real-time monitoring of temperature, current draw, and power efficiency, as well custom control of fan speeds and over-current protection settings.

Pricing and Availability

The AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply is backed by a seven-year warranty and is available now from Corsair's worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. The suggested US retail price is $349 USD.

For more information on AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply, please visit: http://www.corsair.com/ax1200i

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