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It's been a while since I've seen an alarm clock I want to try out, but if you've been with the site for any length of time you know it's one of the things I'm always looking for. Since my work schedule is random by nature, I often have a hard time getting up when the alarm goes off, and am always worried that I'll turn it off without actually waking up. In my world, if I don't show up for work not only do I miss out on that day's pay, but I will then be skipped for the next two things I would have worked. So when I saw this clock, I have to admit I was very tempted to help fund it.

This one is a Kickstarter project, and it looks like they've just barely made their funding goal, so hopefully it'll be available on the market soon. It's called Ramos Alarm Clock, and comes in two models. The first is the LED Ramos, which comes housed in sustainably-harvested birch and features a internal antenna and an electronic buzzer alarm. The second is the Nixie Ramos, and features vertically-mounted Russian-style nixie tubes and is housed in sustainably-harvested teak. It also will have an internal antenna and comes with an electronic tone generator. Or, you can order a custom-built one based on your specifications.

Now, if that was all, these wouldn't be this exciting. But they have something I've never seen before: a separate Defuse Panel which can be mounted across the room, in another room, or pretty much anywhere in your house (up to 100 feet away) that will ensure when the alarm goes off you have to drag your tired self from your warm, comfy bed. Because you cannot turn the alarm off without entering the proper code on the defuse panel. The Panel features a 12-button keypad, and is powered by a 9-volt battery. The clocks are paired wirelessly to the defuse panel via a 2.4GHz radio module.

Backers are being asked to pledge $160.00 US for the birch model, $350.00 US for the teak model, and if you want a custom model you'll need to pledge $800.00 US or more.

Source: Gizmag