Are you ready for some more video coverage from the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show? We’ve already gone gadget hunting at Digital Experience and highlighted some new notebooks and tablets from the show, so let’s keep a good thing going. In this video, we explore the wonderful world of accessories for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnSH42ZgtOw&w=640&h=360]

Rosewill (0:00) – Many of you are already familiar with Rosewill’s family of computer components, but they also have several other successful product lines. They have a line of Rosewill kitchen appliances, for example, and they’ve also got an array of solar light products for around the home. You don’t need to plug these Christmas lights into the wall.

LUXA2 (0:50) – Thermaltake is another one of those companies that you perhaps know better for computer stuff, but they have a whole suite of mobile accessories under the LUXA2 brand too. You might remember the portable battery pack from last year and they’ve now expanded that line even more. They also have windshield mounts, Bluetooth headphones with NFC, and more.

IDAPT (6:04) – The unique IDAPT charging system has come a long way from the time I reviewed the IDAPT i3. They’ve added a USB port (which I suggested), they’ve increased output to 2.1A to support iPads, and they’ve even got inductive wireless charging solutions for both Powermat and Qi standards. The single “eco” solution is pretty neat too.

Kingston Technology (10:37) – The Kingston Wi-Drive is about to get itself a younger sister product. The Wi-Drive MobileLite–which is currently in beta testing–also allows you to share your content with multiple users over Wi-Fi, but instead of internal storage, has memory card slots and a USB port. This way, you can share just about anything.

Joy Factory (13:37) – There are a lot of waterproof cases out there for smartphones, but they can prove to be quite pricey. A possible alternative is the reusable BubbleShield waterproof sleeve. It’s heat resistant and dirt proof, surviving splashes and other abuse. Even though your phone is sealed inside, you can still use it because the BubbleShield is touch sensitive.

Antec Mobile Products (14:16) – And finally, we turn to the recently launched Antec Mobile Products, or a.m.p. for short. We have the SP1 Bluetooth speaker in the labs right now, so the review will be up shortly, but a.m.p. has already decided to update it with five more colors. There’s also a much larger SP3 speaker being considered and they’re ready with a great set of Bluetooth headphones too.

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