The Consumer Electronics Show is a positively massive endeavor with what feels like an endless supply of tech-fueled geekiness. We’re continuing our coverage of the massive trade show with a quick visit with our friends at Targus.

In previous outings at CES, Targus focused more on notebook accessories, but 2011 is the year of tablet. Not surprisingly, quite a few items from Targus approach this end of the market.

Targus Truss Case/Stand for Tabs and E-Readers

One of the lines featured at Targus this year is the Truss. It’s a protective case for tablets that also doubles as a stand. This way, you could keep your favorite portable protected on the go, but have it propped up for handsfree video-enjoyment when you’re settled into your hotel room.

Naturally, that’s the iPad version being shown here, but Targus also has versions of the Truss made for the recently released Samsung Galaxy Tab, as well as the popular Amazon Kindle e-reader. There are some slight differences between these variations, of course.

With the Galaxy Tab version, you get a hole in the back to make use of the integrated digital camera. With the Truss for the Kindle, the case is oriented in portrait mode, rather than in landscape mode, since that’s how you’d be reading your e-books on the device anyhow.

Combining a case with a stand isn’t exactly novel — you’ll find an aluminum version being showcased by Joby at this year’s CES as well — but Targus is going for a slightly classier look. That’s because these cases are available in leather, which could be more appropriate for the business user.

If you’d prefer a little more personality or you want to save a few bucks, they have vinyl versions too and these are all available in a range of different colors.

Zierra Leather Portfolio for Kindle 3

What do you do when you want to carry your e-reader around with you, but also need to hold your driver’s license, credit cards, cash, and other important documents? That’s where the Targus Zierra comes into play.

This one is clearly being targeted at the ladies in the audience, but the fashionable lads in the audience might turn this way too. In any case, the Zierra is designed to mimic the look and feel of a high-quality billfold. You get room for your Kindle, of course, but you’ll find standard slots for your various forms of plastic, as well as notes, photos, and a pen or stylus.

The Zierra is available in either black or red, both of which carry an MSRP of $49.99 and feature durable, top-grain leather.

Banker Sleeves for Notebook Computers

Even though there was a definite focus on the iPad, Galaxy Tab, and Kindle in Targus’ showing this year, they weren’t going to leave laptop users out in the cold either.

The Banker Sleeves, available in 14-inch and 16-inch variants, are designed to mirror the look and feel of traditional bags used by financial institutions to deposit cash. You know, like a banker’s bag. It’s actually a pretty good look if you want to go for something a little different when you’re traveling around the globe.

Both sizes come in your choice of black, white, magenta or blue and they sell for $24.99 each.

Alternatively, you can go for this kind of laptop sleeve, also being shown off by Targus. The idea is that it looks like a puffy winter jacket. I wouldn’t say that it offers anything additional in terms of protection versus a traditional sleeve, but you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd with something like this. It might prove appropriate for trips to Whistler or Aspen.

Still More CES Coverage Coming

The Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas may have officially closed its doors earlier this week, but we’ve still got more coverage coming down the chute. Stay tuned for just a few more items from us and more from Futurelooks too!

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