When you come to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, you really are offered the full gamut of consumer electronics. They’ve got new motherboards and processors for the hardware guys, as well as iPod docks and HDTVs for the multimedia buffs. And yes, console gamers get some love too.

We went on up to the Nyko suite during the show and the noted video game accessory company had more than a few new tricks up its sleeve. Remember that they were showing off the Wand+ controller for the Wii before the official Wii Remote Plus hit the scene.

Nintendo Wii: Perfect Shot Pro

The Nyko Perfect Shot isn’t exactly new, but the updated Perfect Shot Pro has some new stuff worth noting. You still get a nice balanced pistol for your choice of Wii shooting games, but now we’ve got a couple other color choices beyond the standard blue and white. Want some camo or black? You’ve got it.

The second thing worth noting is that they have replaced the traditional “smooth plastic” that you usually get with gaming accessories like this with more of a “soft touch” finish. It really helps to make the Nyko Perfect Shot Pro feel more like a premium product.

Sony PS3: Perfect Shot Move and Power Shot Rifle

Maybe you’re more into the PS3? You might remember how the PlayStation Move was formally unveiled last year and how it brought motion gaming to Sony’s platform. This also opened up the opportunity for more guns.

In addition to a PS3 take on the Power Shot (the appropriately named Power Shot Move), which adds a beefier grip for a second hand to support the extra weight of the Move controller, Nyko also introduced the Power Shot tactical rifle attachment. Not surprisingly, the “tactile trigger” replaces the Move’s trigger.

You get built-in vibration with each trigger pull (which can be turned off with a switch), a built-in aiming sight, and a holder for the Move Navigation controller. That holder can twist and rotate to either side, making this rifle more comfortable to use than other similar products.

Xbox 360: Intercooler STS and Charge Base S

The slimmer Xbox 360 S completely redesigned how the system kept itself ventilated and cool. So, Nyko went ahead and addressed that redesign with the Nyko Intercooler STS.

It’s still USB-powered, but the fan location and design is quite different. It attaches to the right side of a vertically aligned Xbox 360 S, drawing hot air away from the console. The aesthetic is said to be inspired by the classic American muscle car. See the “scoop” design? TempSmart technology means that it will automatically ensure an “optimal console environment.”

The Charge Base has also been updated to the Charge Base S to mirror the aesthetic of the newer slim Xbox 360, but you’ll also notice the light-up portions in the front to indicate when you’re controller is charging (the icon shows) and when it’s done (icon disappears).

Even More for Gamers?

Expect some more gaming-related CES 2011 coverage to appear on MegaTechNews in the days ahead. Naturally, we’ll have lots of other cool gadgets, technology, and consumer electronics filtering in through this space too.

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