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The Sound Blaster Roar Brings the Noise to CES 2014

Creative Labs.Still001

If you’re going to splurge on a home stereo system, you want to go all out, right? You want something that will shake the house down to its very foundation and threaten to blow the eardrums of anyone who walks into the room. You want something that sounds powerful, not …

LUXA2 Bombards CES 2014 with Products

Barrage of LUXA2 New Product Lines at CES 2014

Most of my CES 2014 posts have highlighted an item or two that’s worth checking out, but the folks over at LUXA2 have gone all out, bringing what they refer to as a “barrage” of new product lines to CES in Las Vegas featuring power and audio solutions and holders …

MEGATech Reviews – Sonos PLAY:1 Wireless Speakers


We have smartphones. We have smart TVs, smartwatchs and even smart appliances, so why can’t the speaker systems in our home be smarter too? And what if there were a more affordable way to get into the world of smarter sound? It is perhaps along that line of questioning that …

The Serious Importance of Quality Sound


Even if you don’t use your television to watch television anymore, it’s pretty clear that the living room remains the focal point for most people’s homes. It is there that you’ll stream a movie from Netflix or you’ll crowd around for awesome gaming sessions on your Xbox or PlayStation. And …