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Leonard Nimoy Passes Away at 83


I've never been a Trekkie (though if you try to revoke my nerd card, I'll bite your fingers off), but I'd be remiss not to write about Leonard Nimoy, who passed away this morning in his Bel Air home due to final complications of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Often when …

Celestis Pets Takes Rover to the Moon


Space travel. It's something many of us have dreamed about since childhood, and something almost none of us will ever get to experience. Sure, there are several different commercial space vacation companies developing ways to send you into orbit, but I'm going to go ahead and assume most of you …

Life-Sized Lego X-Wing Replica Breaks World Record


There are a lot of world records and the truth is, a lot of them are really boring. Fortunately, this isn't one of them. A team of thirty-two people working at the Lego Model Shop in Kladno, Czech Republic spent 17,000 hours and five-million Lego bricks constructing a 43-foot-long, 45,980-pound …

Amazing Science Breakthroughs of 2012


Science fiction has long been the precursor to ancient science and that relationship has changed this world dramatically. While I was about to write that this year has been no different, the truth is that it has been different. We're seeing more scientific breakthroughs than even before and that exponential …

NASA's Oldest Landsat Satellite Turns 40


Happy 40th birthday, ERTS-1. You're officially over the hill. The ERTS-1, the first Landsat satellite, was launched into space on July 23, 1972 by NASA for global observation purposes and has since become the oldest of its kind. I was going to get it a card, but Hallmark didn't have …

Is James Cameron Mining Asteroids?


Planetary Resources, a new space exploration venture backed by the likes of filmmaker James Cameron and Google execs Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, among others, is looking to pioneer a new industry and introduce a new type of natural resource. The company is currently scheduled to reveal all in a …

NASA Rounds up $30M for Mars Next Generation


Mars Next Generation, NASA's name for its Mars exploration program, was among one of the projects hit the worst when the agency's 2012 budget was severely slashed. Fortunately, NASA has been able to scrape up around $30M by taking money from other programs, such as missions to explore the outer …